True North Foundation offers ongoing multiple programs in the Greater Toronto area to encourage the linkage between community, culture, and service. These programs are designed to engage the interaction between generations in a context that is not only positive and mind-expanding, but also in a spirit of sharing and giving back to society at large. Based on this philosophy, our programs are viewed as a bridge to building local culture and sense of identity in Canada.

Our non-profit activities include: The Boreal Orchestra - a volunteer community-based musical ensemble based, in part, on the idea of the north as expressed through a wide range of Canadian and international repertoire; Seniors Outreach Program that extends the services of the Boreal Orchestra into seniors residences through the Greater Toronto area as part of serving society and offering quality musical programs for those unable to attend regular concerts Education Program for high school and university participants, designed to offer personal coaching within an orchestral ensemble , while building musicianship and organizational skills Arts Showcase for the community, including individual artists and musicians as well as regular arts performance or exhibiting groups or galleries Cultural Evenings held once a month at our office in Central Toronto. These presentations offer a seminar-like setting for discussion on a wide range of topics in music, art, design, architecture, landscape, and the environment with reference to our quality of living.

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