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     True North Foundation's mandate is to make a positive contribution to our cultural living environment through organizing festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, and cultural exchanges from our offices in Toronto, Canada.

    We see the international aspect of our programs as an opportunity to learn and share with friends abroad the artistic manifestations of living in a way that connects globally with Canada's sense of place in the world. For this reason, many of our projects have been realized in countries that have a geographical affinity with Canada.

     At home in the Greater Toronto area, True North runs The Boreal Orchestra - a volunteer community-based ensemble that presents a wide range of classical and contemporary repertoire. As an additional dimension of our local programming, the foundation also offers its office as a site for monthly "Cultural Evening" seminars on themes related to arts philosophy, musical creativity and performance, visual design, architecture, and landscape, with a specific emphasis on the global community of nordic countries as an environment for living with culture. All of these programs are open to our community.

     We welcome input and encourage both local and international proposals to utilize our facility through collaborative programs and exchanges, through guest speaker presentations for our cultural evening seminars, and through local volunteer services.

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