Photographs by Monianne

     On February 5, and again on March 27, 2015, True North Foundation showcases the talents of Satoshi Matsumura, performing Baroque and Canadian Classical Contemporary music...more

     Artontheterrace is a new program offered by True North Foundation beginning in 2015. It seeks to showcase local artists in our community by giving them a local platform to display...more

    In the summer of 2014, True North successfully mounted a mini-tour of the Baltic States, including performances in Estonia and Latvia with pianist Yuri Meyrowitz...more

     Back to Our Roots is our latest community program offered for seniors and adults starting in the spring of 2014, and it builds on our recent experiences with...more

     Fabrics in Our Lives is a new program for 2012 offered by True North Foundation, for seniors and adults mentored by seniors, bringing the tradition of textiles...more

     On June 27 and July 1, 2011, the Boreal Orchestra and Boreal Seniors Choir performed community events under the auspices of the Celebrate Canada program...more

     You are invited to attend True North's new outreach program - the Seniors Culinary Circle. Established in 2010, the purpose of SCC is to bring seniors and youth together...more

     The Leaside Community Festival is a new ongoing initiative of True North Foundation to provide a positive interaction between creative artists and musicians within their community...more

     As a follow up to collaborative work in the summer of 2006 in Pärnu, Estonia, True North Foundation has invited Estonian soprano Veera Talesh and organist Piret Aidulo...more


     In June 2007, True North realized a joint multimedia event for the Toronto community in collaboration with the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury in Leaside...more

     In August 2006, True North realized a double project in the Baltic States, with performances in Pärnu, Estonia and Vilnius, Lithuania. Working with the remarkable Estonian,..more

     Following a very successful concert in Pärnu, Estonia, True North travelled south to Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, to realize a second performance in collaboration with...more

     The Boreal Orchestra is a non-profit volunteer community-based ensemble that offers free performances and outreach events in the Greater Toronto area and Southern Ontario...more

      In July 2004, True North embarked on a collaboration with the Danish wind ensemble Blaeserkompagniet and Danish Radio to realize a concert performance and recording...more

     In November 2000, True North Foundation reached an agreement with Bravo Arts Channel to broadcast our film documentary "True North Festival 1998"...more

     An integral part in the planning of True North Festival 1998 was the production of media documentation. The one hour video documentary of the Festival...more

     Under Festival coordinators Hemans Yu and Ted Dawson, the visual arts portion of True North Festival in Taiwan consisted of a 3 month exhibition of contemporary...more

     True North Festival was the initial project undertaken officially by the Foundation in 1997. It was a large scale intergovernmental cooperative venture involving work with...more